Primaries Bird Mobile

This mobile will bring grace and harmony to any place it is hanged on. Carefully crafted by hand, each of these birds are block-printed and sewn by hand on handpicked local wooden twigs. Inspired by the ancient indian tradition of fabric block-printing techniques, the design is different for each of them and transfered onto linoleum blocks which are then carved and used to print each of the linen fabric birds. This particular mobile includes five birds representing the primary colors. The twigs are sanded and bee-waxed to add a beautiful natural effect to the piece.
Handcrafted in Brooklyn.
100% linen (flax).
100% eco-friendly rayon bamboo fiber.
Non-toxic water-based block-printing ink.
Measures approximatively 22 x 11 inches.
Non-Waterproof. Handle with care.

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